About Us



We Love Coffee was born in 2015 out of our disillusion with status of our lovely village. We Love Coffee  is a buzzy and inviting coffee shop and tapas bar  in the heart of Harefield High Street in Hillingdon Uxbridge. We wanted to bring life to our village by establishing an enjoyable place with diverse and delicious food. A place where We Love Coffee could be shared and sampled with the best coffee, Belgian chocolate, ice cream and pastry, briefly world-class tastes. A place that can bring families and friends together at the time of social distancing. Do you think that is too much to ask for?


We would like you to follow us on our journey as we will grow and flourish, making new friends and sharing our love of We Love Coffee further and further.

As every place is unique, We Love Coffee is born out of the marriage between historic building and elegance design; delivering on luscious food, drink coupled with the warm and cosy atmosphere.

Born in the difficult times, destined to succeed…We Love Coffee